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Financing and Insuring  your new home

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) has a number of great programs to provide assistance to low-income home buyers and first-time buyers. Read about them by clicking here or on the logo to go to the MSHDA site.

For my blog write up about the new First-Time Buyer grant program from MSHDA, click here.

Divorce and Real Estate

Divorce Resources for Families

The Ultimate Guide to Thriving As A Newly Independent Woman

Single Parent Advocate

Single Parents Network

National Stepfamily Resource Center

Divorce After Adoption: A Parent's Guide

Post-Divorce Check-List

Financial Savings & Debt Management

Financial Abuse

Protect Your Credit In a Divorce

Surviving Financially After A Divorce

How to Fix It Yourself

Smart Ways to Split the House After Divorce

A Guide to moving for single parents -

The Simple Dollar - a web site to help people manage their money better.

Great Advice Articles for Home Buyers from the Folks at

Buying Your First Home:
Rent or Buy a Home:
FHA Loans:
Conventional Mortgages:

Mortgage overview:

- Refinancing Calculator:

Guide to home buying after foreclosure:
Here’s a couple of good guides for renters -

You may encounter asbestos during  your home improvement projects. Here’s a site that will help you understand why your should not try to deal with asbestos DIY -

Money saving tips on a variety of topics, so that you can save up to buy that new house

If you are a veteran, find out what benefits you may qualify for at this site -

SINGLE MOM GRANTS SITE - a web site that provides guides to financial help for single moms,

Real Estate Stigmas

Some helpful links to information on site.

FHA Loan Calculator

VA Loan Calculator

USDA Loan Calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator w/ PMI, Taxes and Insurance

How To Buy A House with No Money Down in 2017

Home Loan Terms Glossary from the Fiscal Tigers Web site -

Do all of those terms in the mortgage application seem like gobbledygook  to you. Find out what they mean.

Is a no-closing costs mortgage right for you? - Article from

Here’s a good article about long-distance moving and the best companies to use from the folks at Retirement Living -

Below is a link to a good buyer guide from Quicken Loans

Here’s a link to a good article from the web site that compares companies that transport cars for people who are moving.

Did you ever wonder about Rent to Own? You can do that with houses as well as other things. Here’s an infographic to explain - How Rent To Own Works: A Guide

Here’s a site that focuses upon grants to help native americans with financial problems -

A web site with lots of information about the availability of government and private grants for women who need help.

The Health and Help Page

A page devoted to links that concern your health  and offer places to go for help with addiction and other issues..

The LBGTQ Guide to Fair Housing

A good advice blog for first-time home buyers -

An article on Tech tools that can help with you move

by Andy Hughes  

Chief Ideas Officer

Need help learning math?Here’s a site that uses a game format to help you learn -

Among the many mysteries involved with home ownership is the cost to install or replace your heating or air conditioning systems - here is a helpful guide -

From the Happy DIY Home web site comes this interesting blog post on the cost of installing central heating  -

Financial Assistance for Single Moms Web Site

A site that give grants to felons returning to society to help them get re-started -

Need help understanding mortgages and how to find the best one for you? This site may help -

Growing Your Homestead in Retirement -

 A guest post from Bob Shannon of  the web site

Bob writes about making the decision to move to a bigger home in retirement.

Make an impact upon the  world, become a teacher. Find our how at -

New to Real Estate Investing? Consider a vacation rental home as a first investment, but read these tips first.

Being homeless is terrible and it makes getting a job, so you can get back to a home, that much harder. Here are some tips for job hunting if you are homeless at the time -

Perhaps this site can help you get a ballpark on your potential moving costs -

Here’s a site that focuses upon providing information to senior about available help

Nursing Home Abuse Guide -