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Health and Help Page - For yourself  or for others

Dealing with addictions

I quit and you can too.

If you or someone that you love has an addiction problem and wants to seek help or more information about addition and how to fight back, here are a few good web sites -

Dealing with Serious Health Issues

Understanding Mesothelioma

Consumer Safety Guide was created to keep the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm.

A guide to Alcohol abuse by the elderly

Dealing with Postpartum Depression -  A good article on this health issue for women.

If you need rehab help it is often difficult to find rehab centers with the proper personell and equipment to fit your needs. Here is a link to a sirte that can help you find the right rehab center. -

Dealing with Mesothelioma

The sites below are all focused upon mesothhelioma, a serious cancer that is usually associated with asbestos exposure. Most of these sites are sponsored by lawyers who are trying to solicit clients for law suits; however, there is some good information on them about the disease and medical and legal; options open to sufferers of mesothelioma.

A resource for finding addiction treatment help in Michigan -

A rehab site for the elderly who become addicted to drugs or alcohol -

Want to be a whistleblower about some wrong that you see? Here’s a site that can help you understand what to look for and how to report it -

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs For Senior Citizens

Consider a career in Nursing - her are some links to helpful information about becoming a nurse-

Earning a Nursing Degree:

Flexible Nursing Programs:

Accelerated Nursing Programs:

Here’s a great site for dental health advice -

And here’s a page from that site that deals with the dental issues that arise from drug use -

Directory of drug and alcohol rehab facilities near me.

One of the modern issues for youth is cyber bullying. Here is a site to go to for information that you and your children can use to combat this threat -

Nurses are needed now more than ever -

A helpful article and site if you are experiencing sleep disorders during the current crisis -

Another good resource for those dealing with addictions -

Here’s an interesting article on color blindness -

From the folks at

While we asre on the topic of eye care, do you ever get styes?

Here’s an informative blog post from the folks at -

A good site for people looking for addition recovery facility -

For those who would like to understand their genetics better here are a couple of web sites that can help with choosing a test and what to do with the results -

A resource site for those helping the addicted thru recovery -

A site with information about elder care abuse and what you can do about it -

Another helpful site for those struggling with addiction -

Another good site for fomdingj resources to battle addiction

Here’s another addiction recovery center, this one in Nashville, Tennessee -

Help for recovering addicts in the New Jersey area

If you are in Florida and need help with addiction -

If you are on the west coast this place may be able to help with your addiction -

 A blog post that explores the effect of addiction on children -

A site with information about grants that are available to help older people who may need financial help -

A site with helpful information about grants that senior citizens can get to help with the costs of their daily lives -

A couple more addiction help web sites . These on the west coast,

Where to go to find a detox center in your state -

Another fairly extensive recovery advice site -

A site to deal with a modern problem - cyberbullying-

I suppose this would fall under the health and well ness of your children -

If you are in Northern Illinois, here is a drug recovery information site for you -

Here’s a site focused upon addiction help for women -

Keep your kids safe on  their phones with these tips -

A good resource site for mental health issues -